Logan’s Run, a Short Analysis

Last weekend I watched the 1976 Sci-Fi classic movie Logan’s Run. It’s probably been twenty years or so since I’ve watched it. Basically, a few hundred years after a nuclear catastrophe, humans live in an underground chest hair-free, groovy disco city. To control the population, people are killed at 30 under the guise they’ll be “renewed.” There are some people who try to run away from the city to escape death. These runners hope to find a mythical area outside called Sanctuary. The police force, called Sandmen, are then sent capture the “runners.”
What I really want to focus on is analyzing the social habits of the average person in Logan’s Run. As much as I can tell, people just walk around the city all day long. Note the following series of screenshots:

Not Tony Danza

Sandmen in black uniforms
Where the fuck are these people going? Do they just walk around until they die at 30? They’re in a massive mall; where are their packages? Totally confusing. Maybe, because the city is run automatically by computers, they don’t need to purchase anything and it just materializes in their home. Amazon anyone?

Logan 5 ordering his hooker from the Circuit

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