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How to tell if your life is a wanton cesspool of despair and the mundane

1. Would you describe your work area as "cube-like" ?

2. Are all of your clothes khaki-colored?

3. Even though you are a man, do you ever pee sitting down on the toilet and just cry?

4. Do you have to swipe a badge-like thing to get into your office building?

5. Even though you are an Atheist, do you ever wish that god would just kill you in your sleep?

6. Does it take multiple sleeping pills to turn of your brain at night?

7. You're bored most of the time.

8. Everyone you talk to sounds like they're on the 'The Delicious Dish' skit from SNL.

9. You feel like Neo at the end of the first Matrix.

10. Obviously, there's something severely wrong with happy people.

If you agree with most of these, your life is a wanton cesspool of despair and the mundane.

Killing in the name of…

I think that it’s time for the leaders of all religions to publicly admit that it was all a big fucking joke. Tell your sheeple that it was done to enslave them and you’re sorry. In other words, set them free so the most militant of them can you know, stop shooting and blowing innocent people up.

I know it maybe hard to relinquish the reins of tyranny and oppression, but really, leaders, your lives will be much better for it. You can still carry on the charitable work that you do, like feeding the hungry and homeless. But without all that sanctimonious bullshit.
So there you have it. My one part process to creating world peace—remove religion. Thank you.