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Television is all we need

Is there anything better than lying on the couch watching TV for hours at a time? No, there isn't. It happens to be the greatest use of man's time ever. My one lofty goal in life is to just be a part of the couch and cycle through all of the channels in a semi-infinite loop, stopping on any WWII shows until I'm dead. One might say that this is an incredibly mediocre goal to strive for.  I say rubbish. This is extreme ambition at its best.


You know man, technology sucks. Things like databases, servers, ones and zeros have turned our once easygoing way of life to shit. Do you think anyone in the 50s had to remember 47 fifteen character passwords? No, I don't fucking think so. The Old Man is always griping about how his life is over because he's retired. You're 85, it's amazing you're still alive. The Old Man was an electrician. He worked in a paper mill and had his own residential business. He was always on his feet and doing physical labor. The jobs of the past have not one iota of resemblance to what most of us poor stupid bastards do today. Of course, The Old Man also knelt on concrete for forty years and his knees are shot. So there's that.

I don't really know if "the information age" has made life any easier. Have you tried calling the DMV lately? Wouldn't be nice to know that there's an actual living, breathing person who gets that pdf form that you have to submitted to…