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Merry Xmas!

Spot the celebrity

The next time you're at the local watering hole, I hope you play 'Spot The Celebrity.' This awesome game, that I made up btw, is the most fun you can have at a bar with your clothes on. The object of the game is to spot the celebrity look alike before anyone else does. You must use a smartphone to provide evidence for your submission. The ultimate goal of the game is to get a picture of the fake celeb without alerting him or her. So far, here are some of the best:
Allstate Insurance's Mayhem:

Howie Long, Mark Twain, and Sean William Scott:
Kris Kristofferson

Other celebs seen to date: David Tennant Sam Waterston Chumlee Katherine Helmund Mr. Miyagi Randy on 'My Name is Earl' Anne Wilson Neil Young  Layne Staley
Luckily, for me and my cohort, we are the bar staffs favorite customers, and they also are in on the game. When Sam Waterston comes in, we all hum the Law and Order mid scene, "dum dum" music