Shitty American cars of The Old Man

I actually hate cars. If some geek physicist would invent the damn transporter, I would gladly never have one again. This hatred must stem from the absolutely horrible cars The Old Man bought when I was growing up. Everyone, a God fearing American piece of shit. The abject disdain and contempt that the American auto industry had for the public was appalling. They would throw their two tons of already rusting steel, vinyl and plastic together with no care that the thing would break down within a couple weeks.

Take in point these beauties that The Old Man had at various points:

1. The Pontiac Parisienne, very European.
The Old Man had this car in a wonderful orange color, which was great because it hid the rust well. This tank would stall going up hills and lose 1/4 of its gas in trying to do so. The steering was so bad, even turning the wheel all of the way around you'd still be going straight.

2. The Buick Elektra. Ooh sounds futuristic doesn't it?

Another wretched purchase of ToM. I don't remember this one being around for long. I'm sure it suffered a short agonizing death at the mechanic's shop.

3. The Plymouth Gran Fury.

That's right bitches! The classic 70s and 80s cop car. Another middle of the road staller. This pos was in the shop weekly. For some reason people loved to smash into with their equally shitty cars. Maybe they were trying to get back at the police in some weird way. At any rate, I despised this Fury with a fury. It was the car that I learned to drive in.

Luckily, like at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese came along and handed the American's their asses. We actually had a choice and not just put up with buying these wrecks.

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