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An atheist won't kill you

Odds are the perpetrators of the Boston bombing undoubtedly did it in the name of some "god."  Isn't it about time that the atheists and non-religious people take a stand and demand some bloody commonsense in this world? Dear worldwide religious crazies: your "Lord,",  "God,", what have you, helps no one, doesn't interfere with this world. He answers no one's prayers. There is no "Holy Land." Give it up. You live and then you die. That's probably it. There might be something out there after this life, but most likely it will be just as shitty.

So zealots, quit blowing people up. It's really dumb.

Google DNR

With the announcement of the new Google Inactive Account Manager, people close to death can now be sure that their personal data will be wiped from public view. If you should die all of a sudden, (hopefully), this cyber Do No Resuscitate clause can delete your Gmail,+, Blogger accounts, etc., after a specific time of inactivity. I've set mine to a year. Now you won't have the worry, as you're rotting away, that some asshole is trashing you on your blog. They'll have to actually come to your grave to piss on it.

Shitty American cars of The Old Man

I actually hate cars. If some geek physicist would invent the damn transporter, I would gladly never have one again. This hatred must stem from the absolutely horrible cars The Old Man bought when I was growing up. Everyone, a God fearing American piece of shit. The abject disdain and contempt that the American auto industry had for the public was appalling. They would throw their two tons of already rusting steel, vinyl and plastic together with no care that the thing would break down within a couple weeks.

Take in point these beauties that The Old Man had at various points:

1. The Pontiac Parisienne, very European. The Old Man had this car in a wonderful orange color, which was great because it hid the rust well. This tank would stall going up hills and lose 1/4 of its gas in trying to do so. The steering was so bad, even turning the wheel all of the way around you'd still be going straight.

2. The Buick Elektra. Ooh sounds futuristic doesn't it?

Another wretched purchase o…