Android 4.2 photo filters

 If you received a new Android tablet or phone for xmas, and are lucky enough to get an actual Google Nexus device, here are a few features that you might not know about. The new gallery app that comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is phenomenal. Running a device with ~4.1.1? root that pos and get the camera and gallery app from here:

First up,  the filters. They're not the over the top ones of the Instagram type. They're really very subtle. My favorite is called Bleach. It's a high contrast - desaturated effect based on bleach bypass. You also can undo any effect. Android will save an edited version.

Next, the borders. You have some choices here ranging from black, white, square, messy  and rounded. 

You can also crop and edit saturation, exposure and adjust curves, and add vignette, etc.


Purdy ain't it?

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