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Android 4.2 photo filters

If you received a new Android tablet or phone for xmas, and are lucky enough to get an actual Google Nexus device, here are a few features that you might not know about. The new gallery app that comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is phenomenal. Running a device with ~4.1.1? root that pos and get the camera and gallery app from here:

First up,  the filters. They're not the over the top ones of the Instagram type. They're really very subtle. My favorite is called Bleach. It's a high contrast - desaturated effect based on bleach bypass. You also can undo any effect. Android will save an edited version.

Next, the borders. You have some choices here ranging from black, white, square, messy  and rounded. 

You can also crop and edit saturation, exposure and adjust curves, and add vignette, etc.

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RIP Heidi the evil cat

Hell has a new mascot.              Heidi
~1666 - Dec 4 2012

Save money by killing Santa Claus

In these uncertain economic times, spending gobs of cash on Xmas gifts is detrimental on the holiday budget. I came up with a brilliant idea for parents with young brats at home. Kill off that fat red bastard. No not Satan, Santa Claus. Get rid of the endlessly droning wish list of toys, games and other useless shit that will be tossed in a closet by New Year's. Telling the kids that there's no Santa will put their little minds at ease. Only getting a couple gifts under the tree will be good for them. No more thinking that Santa has limitless amounts of resources, and the slave labor-elven workforce. This will teach your kids that Santa doesn't hate them, you do. I always hear parents tell their children that they pay Santa for some of the "big" toys. Really, that's quite a ludicrous notion. An omnipotent being like Santa has no need for money. Go the whole yard and say you pay for all of the toys. So parents, try it out. I think that in the long run, your ch…