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You're just lucky that you have a job

It seems that today the prevailing mode of thinking by employers today is that their employees should just be happy in the slave labor that they are chained to. This really should annoy the hell out of you. At some point with no raises, advancement, or other incentives, workers are just going to say, fuck it, and go out and pave driveways for a living. This might be a little cynical. I'm a realist, which is to say life is real shitty.


You were always there when I needed you.
You knew what I was going to say before I said it.
You comforted me when I was down.
I tried to be a son you could be proud of.
I was always proud that you were my mother.
We will see each other again, somewhere, sometime.
I love you my very special person, mom.

The end is only the beginning

I can only imagine the pain of watching a parent die is second only to loss of one’s child. I can't seem to find comfort in any truths that I know. She is in there behind those beautiful eyes. Even though she cannot speak and her body is shutting down, she gives me a little pucker as I go to kiss her. I know my mother is still there. That is the most heart breaking part. What is she thinking? What sort of calculations, memories, and thoughts are going through her mind? I know that she has pain. The drugs are taking care of that. I can only dream, hope - scream, that she finds peace.