The Old Man's green thumb

Now, The Old Man was never known for his gardening prowess. In fact, he couldn't grow a bush or tree if his life depended on it. What The Old Man could grow, was an abundance of weeds. Not that he really cared about growing anything - he actually liked his weeds. The Old Man grew climbing weeds like ivy. They grew on the fence surrounding his glorious pool. I surmise, he imagined they were growing on some ancient stone walls at an English estate.

I had intimate personal knowledge of The Old Man's weeds. I was in charge of the groundskeeping crew on the estate. I'm pretty sure the weeds were made out of Kevlar and PVC. I could hear them laughing as I approached with the weed whacker.

As you may know, The Old Man, and his pool have fallen into disrepair. Sadly and inexplicably, the weeds have over-taken the pool. The weird shrub-type things in the picture above aren't sitting on top of the cover. No, they're growing up from the bottom. Yes, there's a whole fucking amazonian rain forrest under there.

To save money in the end, we're thinking of just tossing The Old Man and Woman into the pool forrest and calling it a night. Kia Lounge - Pool Accessories

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