Most hated tv commercials

Like many of you, there are some commercials that gnaw on the very last nerve. So I have compiled the most annoying ones to come out lately.

1. Any of the KitKat commercials. I cannot stand the sound of someone chewing and crunching on food, and to have put to a jingle is just abrasive.

2. The Zoosk dating website commercial. This one is bordering on infomercial stupidity status. It starts out with a few female friends perusing the Zoosk website looking at profiles. The woman who is trying to find a date enters into a dream sequence when she sees a half-naked guy in a profile. Face-bashing, and most likely a house fire occur as the two completely inept losers attempt to have sex. Please people, if you fail at being able to kiss someone without injuring yourself, go to your doctor and get sterilized before it's too late.

3.  Normally, I like the Geico commercials, but the new one on how this chick can save money by not downloading music any longer, and alternatively, has taught her parrot and dog how to sing the hits of the '80's. Uuugh! The sound of that bird signing Take on Me, almost causes me to have an aneurism.

4.  Three words: Flo, Progressive Insurance.

5.  The Enterprise Rental Car commercials. Ok. Anytime I've ever had a rental car, my car has been in the shop, or I've been out of town in some hellish airport. Either way, I was miserable. But these commercials are filled with ecstatic idjits, in love with the idea of being picked up by a guy in a bad suit, driving a mid-sized sedan wrapped in a brown paper bag.

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