I hate my cell phone

At the time  I took the plunge and got a "smart" phone, my wireless carrier, Verizon had not yet gotten the iPhone. So, I was pretty much forced to buy an Android phone. Android is Google's Linux-based OS for tablets and mobile phones. I was, at first, very excited when I started using my new phone. I synched my mail, calender, Facebook feeds and I tweeted my stupid brains out.

Unfortunately, all of the crap that Android phones can do really wreaks havoc on the battery. By this I don't mean, "sorta just drains it a little." These things yank your battery out and throw it into the garbage disposal. Plus, Android is not renowned for it's stellar handling of resources.

So what can you do? Not a fucking thing. Other than buying a higher capacity extended battery, there's not much. If you do break down and get the giganto battery from HTC, the maker of the Droid Incredible, it will add a hump to the back of your phone that the Hunchback of Notre-Dame would kill for.

I have found some tips online that supposedly help. I've tried all of the task killers, battery savers, screen dimmers, and bump charging, I've rooted and flashed my rom and removed bloatware. Shit, I sound like a Dr. Seuss story. Nothing. When I am up for the upgrade of my phone, I will be getting the iPhone. I don't care. The damn iPhone 4 just works and the battery doesn't go down 20% if you look at it wrong.

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