The Old Woman and the Lenties

My version of Lenties
Many years ago, when The Old Woman would cook dinner for our massive family, one of my favorite concoctions was called Lenties. This dish consisted of lentil beans and pasta. I'm sure this recipe was handed down through the generations. I recall that it was made with tomato sauce or puree. Now, The Old Woman was deathly afraid of onions and garlic. Yes, that's right an Italian who hates onions and garlic I know. So, you ended up putting alot of salt and pepper in your bowl when it was all done. It was still delish though.

Now speaking of pepper, The Old Man would empty half of a bottle in everything he ate. This would usually cause him to sneeze violently when he shoveled in his dinner. But that never nixed his love of pepper. You know when you go to a restaurant and they ask if you would like freshly ground pepper? Well, the waiter or waitress serving The Old Man would end up with tennis elbow.

Unfortunately, after Lenties get cold, they harden like a pot full of cement. The Old Man would joke and say that this is what the Germans served in the Stalags.

In the recent years of eating nothing but soup, I found a lentil soup from Progresso that when mixed with some sort of little macaroni, tastes remarkably like Lenties.

I'm sure it's fifteen years since The Old Woman has whipped some Lenties. The next time I'm home, which will be very soon, I plan on making a big batch to put a smile on her face.

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