Top ten annoying corporate buzzwords

If you're like me, nothing irks you like annoying sayings manager-types come up with in the office. (In no particular order)

10. Run it up the flag pole. This saying is pretty much useless and is like hearing nails scratching down a chalkboard.

 9. Just making sure we're all on the same page here. Um what page are you talking about?

 8. I hear what you're saying. Good for you asshole.

 7. Take this offline. The corporate buzzword for STFU!

 6. That being said. This one should be put to death and never resurrected.

 5. Lessons learned. Ugh.

 4. Touch base. Can't i just say, I'm going to talk to Jim about it?

 3. Moving forward. I prefer to just sit here.

 2. Deliverables. Do I work for UPS now?

 1. Caveat. What the hell does this even mean?