The quest for a clean shave

If you are a man, you're probably familiar with the never-ending battle of the beard. I know that the women out there are saying, Boo-hoo, we have to shave our whole bodies. Come on, you really only have to do that for the once a week that you let your husbands have sex with you. Long-dead are the days of using disposable one or two blade razors. Most of these felt like an Epilady with a lawnmower blade attachment. Ultimately, there are two ways for men to shave their faces, an electric razor, or the manual cartridge razor.

The Electric Razor  -In my experience the only thing these accomplish is to turn me into a cartoon character hobo. Grayish-black stubble everywhere, it's a mess.

The Cartridge Razor System  -My current love-hate relationship, with my razor that is, is with the Gillette Fusion Pro razor system. I have the power version which vibrates. The razor has five blades and does a pretty good job. It has a single blade on the back to trim sideburns or get the hard to reach areas. Plus, it has a neat blue LED light on it. Now comes the sand in the Vaseline. The replacement blades are friggen' expensive. You can buy the razor, one blade and it comes with the AAA battery for about ten bucks. That's alright. But the blades, oh the blades! They range from about $18 for four, all the way up to $35 for eight.
Each blade lasts about a month before it just starts to hack your face apart. Now recently, I read a study that someone did which concluded that blades dried with a hair dryer after you use them, could last up to twice as long. I have tried that and it does work. But, now my electric bill has gone up.

So due to the blacklash of men complaining of razor blade price gouging, a few generic brand discount razors have appeared on the market. One of these "El Cheapo" razors can be found at Wegmans. For $5, you can get the razor and two blades. The good news is that you can buy four additional blades for $5!

What's the verdict? Well, it's ok. The six blades have a hard time of getting under the nose and around the sides of your face. Hence, not the cleanest shave you'll ever get.

Additionally, Walmart and Giant Food Stores have their own five blade razors if you are feeling adventurous.

What have we learned? Shaving is an expensive bitch, but hopefully, there will be some cheaper alternatives on the horizon.

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