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The quest for a clean shave

If you are a man, you're probably familiar with the never-ending battle of the beard. I know that the women out there are saying, Boo-hoo, we have to shave our whole bodies. Come on, you really only have to do that for the once a week that you let your husbands have sex with you. Long-dead are the days of using disposable one or two blade razors. Most of these felt like an Epilady with a lawnmower blade attachment. Ultimately, there are two ways for men to shave their faces, an electric razor, or the manual cartridge razor.

The Electric Razor  -In my experience the only thing these accomplish is to turn me into a cartoon character hobo. Grayish-black stubble everywhere, it's a mess.

The Cartridge Razor System  -My current love-hate relationship, with my razor that is, is with the Gillette Fusion Pro razor system. I have the power version which vibrates. The razor has five blades and does a pretty good job. It has a single blade on the back to trim sideburns or get the hard to …


As an apology to anyone I offended with infamous "Toys" post, which was meant to be pure satire and hence not to be taken seriously, here is a picture of a cat with sunglasses: