Mad Men, Bewitched without the nose twitching

When I was a kid I used to watch the TV show Bewitched, re-runs of course. Bewitched is a 1960's series about a advertising executive who marries a witch, a real witch not the normal everyday wife. Every week, the show's plot centered around Darren Stevens' plight to come up with some great slogan or campaign for a client. Hmmm. Sounds familiar. I used to and still think that that would be the ultimate job. Of course, Darren always fell victim to one of his mother-n-law's evil spells. Usually, these included him only able to speak Italian, or his head affixed with gigantic ears.

Interestingly enough, the modern TV series, Mad Men has many of the same characters and plot lines. Here are some of the main characters on both shows:

Darren Stevens, ad man extraordinaire 
Don Draper, womanizer extraordinaire 

Rodger Sterling, head of Sterling Cooper Ad Agency and womanizer extraordinaire 
Betty Draper, previously devoted wife of Don,
in later seasons, miserable bitch
Samatha Stevens, witch extraordinaire 
Larry Tate, head of McMahon and Tate Ad Agency,  professional Martini drinker
In both shows much drinking and smoking takes place. Mainly fancy drinks like the Old Fashioned and Martinis. Luckily, Endora is missing from Mad Men. So I am sure that the writers and producers of Mad Men were greatly inspired by Bewitched and tried to  copy much of the look and feel of that show. If you can, watch both shows sometime and compare them for yourself.

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