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Thurston's Deck Staining Service

As many of you know, I have more than a few siblings. One of my brothers, let’s call him Chris, has enjoyed much success as a nuclear plant worker. Suffice it to say, he is pretty well off. Well, Chris has been unmercifully taunted by me and my brother Craig, who many of you may hate. Chris’ nickname is Thurston, of Gilligan’s Island fame. Thurston Howell III is a multi-millionaire on the TV show, sporting steamer trunks full of money and an endless wardrobe of expensive clothing. He is accompanied by his wife, who he refers to as Lovey. The Howells try to get out of as much work as they can on the island and usually trick Gilligan into doing it for them. Thurston speaks with a very aristocratic tone and is basically an amalgam of how rich guys sound. Click here to see a clip of Thurston.

Well, as it turns out, Chris(Thurston) became slightly bored on his recent vacation and decided to stain the neighbor's massive deck. Ever since Thurston took on the job of staining his backyard …