The top home improvements made by The Old Man. Part II

A repost to celebrate all of The Old Man's past 4th of July parties.

The Pool

A couple of years before I was born, The Old Man started having fantastical dreams of a backyard pool. I'm sure that he imagined being part of The Rat Pack in the '60's, gambling, drinking and lounging by The Sands pool.
The Old Man launched his pool dream project by putting an ad in the classifieds for "fill dirt wanted." You see, the estate was located on a pretty steep hill and really wasn't optimal for housing a large in-ground pool. Unfortunately, he didn't ask for "clean fill dirt", and truckloads of boulder and rock-filled dirt was delivered to buildup the level of the backyard. At that time, The Old Man's workforce ranged in age from 6 to about 18, but that was good enough for him and they were tasked to remove all of the rocks and boulders from the fill.
They mainly used borrowed snow shovels from the neighbor, let's call him Murphy. The shovels didn't go back in the same condition. Soon the ground was level and the pool was being dug.  

After the pool and surrounding patio was complete, massive booze filled neighborhood parties were held. Jack, the crazy son-n-law even jumped off of the roof into the pool. It was the talk of the town. The Old Man beamed with pride. He came home for his lunch hour everyday and ate by the pool. Ah good times. Many people can say that they spent their summers baking in the sun and relaxing by The Old Man's pool. The pool has been the source for much happiness and joy over these many years. It has cooled grandchildren, long forgotten friends, departed neighbors and family. The pool was also the site of a gruesome scene. One morning we awoke to a brown blob laying at the bottom of the pool under the solar cover. It was the neighbor's Chihuahua dog Maggie. We alerted the local dog catcher and Maggie was fetched from the bottom. When she was placed on the cement by the side of the pool Maggie was so stiff, she stood on all fours.

I write these words with a lump in throat and a heavy heart and I regret to say that the pool will be closed for the first time in 38 years. It will probably remain closed forever barring at some point someone buying the estate and using as a home and not just bulldozing it.

Next time in part III, The New Room.

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