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The year of living morosely

As I have now spent more than a year divorced and two years miserably separated, certain horrible things have dawned on me. I will outline these in the bulleted list below.

The fictional characters on TV shows make the best friendsThe only reason I would get married again is if I needed to stay in a foreign country because of legal trouble back in the USThe little shopping carts at Wegmans built for one person's groceries make me smile when I use themIt's hard to get out of bed in the morning because my queen size air mattress is so damn comfortableI have a hard time playing video games now because it brings me back to the times I would ignore my wife playing every weekendI have a set of grooves in my carpet from moving the one chair I own from room to roomI love swearing at the female voice of my cellphone when she can't understand my voice dialingI would rather just be surprised than go to a doctor for a yearly physicalI have my child support case worker added to my insta…

The top home improvements made by The Old Man. Part III

The New Room
After the fantastic pool was done, the estate was in need of a patio to entertain guests and provide a cool place to get out of the sun. What beautiful and fancy design would The Old Man come up with? That's right! A box pasted on the back of the house. Oh well. The new addition would also have a living room on the second floor to accommodate the ever expanding family. The New Room was equipped with the latest in 1970s carpeting and wood paneling. A wondrous orange metal fireplace seen here was also installed. 

The main purpose of this room, at various points in time, was to house the TV set. In later years, it just existed to be a staging area for The Old Woman’s eternal Christmas tree. Also, the couch in The New Room is used as a filing cabinet for The Old Woman’s bills that she hid from The Old Man. 

Unlike most of the estate, The New Room has only gotten a couple of renovations. My personal favorite is the current one. Knotty-pine everywhere. At one time squirrels ha…