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Sledding with Eva

I know that in the past, I have focused on The Old Man's exploits, this week I would like to relay some fond memories about The Old Lady.  Lately, there have been some less than kind feelings towards The Old Lady from some in my family.  By less than kind I mean, hold her head in an oven. So I thought that I would share a poignant winter memory from winters long ago.
Growing up at the estate was fantastic because of the sprawling grounds and a great hill off to the side of the house.  This hill was perfect for winter sledding.  Occasionally, The Old Lady would go outside to play in the snow with us.  It was always at night, because she couldn't be seen without high-heels and makeup on.

(The Old Lady, ready for sledding)
After The Old Man would make our 'hots-cakes' dinner, The Old Lady would dig through her closet and get out one of her older rabbit fur coats and put on a couple of pairs of wool pants.  I'm sure that she wore some sort of high-heeled leather boots.  Y…

As time goes by

As time goes by and people you've known or loved fade into memory, take stock and revel in the fact that you are richer from accompanying them on their journey.