The Garmin 265WT NAG GPS

The other day I was in Radio Shack with my buddy from the salt mine looking for a GPS for his wife. A great idea dawned on us. What if the voice on the unit had a nag option for the husband on the road away from home? Currently, we are in development of software that can be purchased as a download. As of today, Marlene, from Long Island, is the only voice we have compiled.

Here things like: "Oh my gawd, did you just pass a Starbucks?" and "Slow down! I'm trying to put on my lipstick." If you are feeling frisky, and attempt to touch the wrong button, Marlene will give the usual: "Leave me alone, it's not Saturday" or "You just got it last week." And the ever popular: "What are you doing down there?"

Alas, Marlene is an obstinate bitch and the best directions we've gotten out of her are: "Turn left at the place we ate dinner at on our second date." Another bug that we have to work out has to do with the Bluetooth option. Marlene will use your cellphone to call her sister and talk the whole trip.

Hopefully, we can iron these little issues soon. We envision adding multiple ethnicities so even Mr. Lei can be nagged by Misaki from San Francisco.

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