Samuel Adams Summer Ale

If you are one of those poor unfortunates who have never tasted a Samuel Adams Summer Ale, I can honestly say that I am luckier than you. One taste of its' citrusy flavor will melt some of your hellacious problems away.  

 Now for some of the Bud drinking drones out there, their sheeple taste buds will be overwhelmed. They will be forced to follow the Summer Ale with the usual.  Do not fault them for there is not enough room in our club.  

 So go out to the nearest store and pick up a pack.  Ding Hao.


Drinking alcoholic beverages will not produce long lasting happiness

Your life will be just as pathetic

Alcohol will increase the risk of waking up next to a hag

"Death Becomes Me" will not be held responsible for any of the above

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