I was born. I suffered.
I suffered some more, and hopefully,
I won't die a painful death.
This is my life.

The year of living morosely

As I have now spent more than a year divorced and two years miserably separated, certain horrible things have dawned on me. I will outline these in the bulleted list below.

  • The fictional characters on TV shows make the best friends
  • The only reason I would get married again is if I needed to stay in a foreign country because of legal trouble back in the US
  • The little shopping carts at Wegmans built for one person's groceries make me smile when I use them
  • It's hard to get out of bed in the morning because my queen size air mattress is so damn comfortable
  • I have a hard time playing video games now because it brings me back to the times I would ignore my wife playing every weekend
  • I have a set of grooves in my carpet from moving the one chair I own from room to room
  • I love swearing at the female voice of my cellphone when she can't understand my voice dialing
  • I would rather just be surprised than go to a doctor for a yearly physical
  • I have my child support case worker added to my instant messaging contacts